EDLVI for Education & Technology  

EDLVI and FLEXI Academy Partnership
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The New Era of Education
Restructuring education to overcome chronic discrepancies through Flexi Education Framework
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Ontario Secondary School Diploma OSSD
Inspected Ontario school to grant Canadian high school diploma according to Ontario learning expectations
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A World of Opportunities in Learning
Limitless adaptation to student abilities and tools to foster improvement in learning skills
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Registered in Florida Department of Education

Flexi Academy grants American High School Diploma according to Florida Standards.
EDLVI for Education & Technology
إدلفي للتعليم والتكنولوجي
Joint Stock Company
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Commercial Record: 1845
سجل تجاري: 1845
Tax Record: 614-250-072
الرقم الضريبي: 072-250-614
Business: Education
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EDLVI is an Education & Technology provider dedicated to delivering cutting-edge educational services tailored to the needs of Institutional & Industrial Applied Technology Education in all levels from 1 (pre-schook) to 7 (Master) level.
EDLVI is an education and technology provider group with offices in Egypt (Mansoura and Cairo).
EDLVI aims to establish & manage applied technology Colleges and schools by implementing digital solutions in education.
EDLVI shall offering high tech digital solutions on a global scale.
Our focus is to provide a stimulating early learning and child care experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. We are searching the apportunities to join global network of partners that make us able to offer a wide range of high quality services tailored to our clients’ needs.
Location of EDLVI Projects
Education Projects

What we build?

 Mansoura International School
  • Implement International Education Model (British / Deutsch)
  • S.T.E.M
  • British Curriculum (IGCSE)
  • German Curriculum (Grundschule, Gymnasium)
  • Estimated Budget --> LE 180 Millions
 Mansoura Industry & Technology School
  • Implement German Education Model (Deutsch)
  • German Cirriculam (Fachgymnasium)
  • Vocational Education
  • Estimated Budget --> LE 120 Millions
 Mansoura Industry & Technology College
  • Implement German Education Model (Deutsch)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Master of Applied Science
  • Estimated Budget --> LE 150 Millions


Technology Projects

What we develop?

  • Business Management
  • Operation costs
  • CRM
  • Production management
  • Classified Ads
  • Property Market
  • Cars Market



What we deliver


  • operating a business without impacting the environment negatively
  • Delivering Green Business
  • Sustainable


  • commitments into the company governing documents
  • Building a Better Business


  • Ensure ultimate Service Quality
  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • World-Class Client Support



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